If Jesus Came to Your House Today

What if you ran into Jesus in town today and he said he wanted to drop by your house for lunch? What would be your first thoughts? That you need to clean your house first? Or what do I have in the fridge that would be a suitable lunch for the Son of God? Probably most of us would prefer to take him to a nice restaurant or schedule lunch for a later date when we could be properly prepared.

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Impact! Kids: Learning Lessons of Church Leadership

Kids are not the future of the church.We hear a lot about how churches need to invest in children, youth, and young families because they are the future of the church. At Impact Kids in Bluefield, a kid-friendly mission camp that coincided with our youth construction mission camp, we saw that the future of the church is right now. Children in grades 3 through 5 (or 6, depending on where their churches group sixth graders) participated fully in a missions experience tailored to them.

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Four Lessons from “The Lion King”

Just a week ago, I had a chance to see the new Lion King movie. It reminded me of lessons that I learned from the original movie, so I’ve decided it is time to share those. What are some of the lessons we can learn and share in Sunday School and Small Groups?

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