Mission Development Staff Additions

Our Mission Development staff has made some changes in 2020 that will enable us to provide ongoing missions opportunities in a better way for you and your congregation. We are excited to announce one new full-time addition along with several part-time positions that have been created or redefined in this reorganization which took effect on January 1.

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Sunday School and the New Year

As we begin the New Year, what is God doing in your Sunday School? What vision have you received? Though I know some have begun planning based on a fall schedule, most adults consider January 1 to be a time to set New Year’s resolutions. Why not take advantage of it?

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From the Beginning to the End

A new year is upon us, and with it comes both anticipation and anxiety. We are excited about the new possibilities—albeit pursuing new possibilities is often accompanied by anxieties over the unknowns that come with new choices. God has blessed us to be alive to start 2020, and since he is a purposeful God, we know he has some purposes for each of us to fulfill each year. God has put us where we are to partner with him to accomplish his purposes.

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