Overcoming Distractions in Ministry

We easily get distracted from this single-minded focus. So many things, along with selfish desires, clutter the landscape of our daily walk. It’s critical to be anchored in—and focused on—the mission and goals the Lord has set before each of us. I want to offer a few tips to keep your head in the work.

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Revitalize Your Sunday School, Step 4: Train Your Leaders

Training/continuing education is expected in most jobs. Sunday School teachers, small group leaders and others who share from God’s Word have a big responsibility to help others discover faith in God and put it into practice (life transformation). I suggest that what happens in their classroom/small group meeting may have a more lasting impact than any profession!

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Facing Criticism

This week I received a newsletter with a section summarizing Philip Warner’s “The Secret Pain of Pastors,” posted by in 2018. The seven “unique” problems pastors face were suggested as: criticism, rejection, betrayal, loneliness, weariness, frustrations, and disappointments.

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