Fairview Baptist: A 35-year Tradition of Helping Fredericksburg Families Through Annual Benefit Oyster Roast

On March 16, over 1,350 people gathered at the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairground. They weren’t there to attend a fair, but rather to help a family in need. This was not a unique gathering but a happening that occurs each year to provide hope and financial support to an individual or family in the greater Fredericksburg Area. Known at the Benefit Oyster Roast, this fundraising event has been held annually for the past 35 years.

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Dealing with Betrayal

We are quickly coming up to Easter, the time when we commemorate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. But we can also gain insight from other events that Jesus went through during Holy Week.

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Meet Danny Quirin: Minister in Residence for Youth Ministry

After working with teens in the church since 1984, I’ve seen and experienced the struggles that churches face in ministering to middle- and high-school teens. I want to take what I’ve experienced over these decades and listen to churches and then help train and equip churches and volunteers to help meet the ever-changing needs and demands of student ministry.

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