Columbia: Preparing Next-generation Church Leaders

Columbia Baptist Church is a BGAV-member congregation in Falls Church, VA, and they shared with us this innovative new training program they're offering—one of which is in conjunction with one of BGAV's partner educational institutions—Bluefield College. If you live in or near that area and are interested in applying, use the link they provided below. If you don't live in northern Virginia but are intrigued by this idea, consider how your church might get involved in a similar opportunity!

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When You Feel Small

We live in a culture that often thinks bigger is better. There are some things about being a big church which are appealing, such as having multiple staff to contribute to more ministries and services. They often have greater financial resources, more people to accomplish tasks, and supposedly therefore more options to offer a buffet of services.  

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Meet Tom Stocks: Minister in Residence for Deacon Ministry

I serve as a BGAV Ambassador to BGAV churches to create a network to deliver deacon training—directly supporting pastors and deacon leadership.

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