BGAV Churches Collaborate, Bringing Kingdom Moments

Rustburg Baptist has been doing their firewood ministry since 2004, according to our records. They were doing this as a church vision and wondered where all of the wood would come from. They worked hard to get wood to families who use wood as their only heat source. They met once a month from September to March on a Saturday to cut wood and send it out to families who needed it. John and his wife, Ruth, would spend days taking wood to families, and sometimes that was 150 miles a day. Jimmy Cole also would deliver wood during the week.

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Are You Missing the Point?

Today I heard a man talking about surviving a tornado in Tennessee. His family and dogs were going down into the basement, when one dog went back upstairs, so the man went up to bring the dog back down, then the tornado hit. He threw himself down on top of his family to shield them. He later said that bricks came whizzing right through the doggy door! Then it was over. When they got up, the immediate area was intact, but the rest of the house was gone. The event was so overwhelming that he could barely speak about it. Looking at the video, all I could see was a door and a couple of feet of wall around it. From my perspective, it was an example of how God can preserve someone when all else is blown away.

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