Sharing the Vibe

When people speak of a place giving off a good vibe, what do they mean? According the internet’s Free Dictionary: “A vibe is a distinctive emotional quality or atmosphere that is sensed or experience by someone.” If something gave us a good vibe, it means that something associated with an encounter resonated with us and made us feel somehow connected with the mood, event, or environment. If we don’t pick up good vibes, then we will have a bland reaction, or worse—a negative one. I must clarify that the whole discussion of “vibes” is a very subjective thing, and it’s hard to identify.  

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The Importance of Guiding Principles

Resetting a ministry direction often leaves a leader in a stall. Where do you begin? And if it’s time to reset or adapt to a new opportunity, how do you get a leadership group in your church or ministry all on the same page? 

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Judson Park Joins Venturers in Vienna, Austria

Judson will begin his Venturer service in fall 2019 in Projekt: Gemeinde, a multicultural church in the heart of Vienna, Austria. He will participate in Project: Vienna, a year-long practicum that includes serving in the local church, social work in the community, and supervised theological reflection.

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