via Fresh Expressions: Turning What You Already Have Into a Fresh Expression

“Tell me, what do you have in your house?” Sometimes people look at me like I have three heads when I share with them what it means to start fresh expressions of church. For some, it’s because the whole idea is difficult to wrap their minds around, but others just don’t know where to start. “Where do you get pioneers?” “How do we decide what to do?” “How can we budget for starting something new?” It can feel very overwhelming. But before I jump in and try to provide answers for those questions, I usually go to scripture. But the scripture I go to isn’t my means of stalling or lightening the mood. It’s also not a theological explanation or proof-text. It’s a question.

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Revitalize Your Sunday School, Step 3: Give it the Attention it Deserves

The third step to revitalize our Sunday School is giving Sunday School and discipleship the attention they need to flourish with mature disciples who then disciple others to be mature disciples. Whatever we choose to do in life with excellence requires our attention. Whether it is in school, the workplace, our family, our health, or our spiritual growth, they require our attention. When we are attentive, we are aware of what is needed. When we are aware, we begin to set goals and make action plans to succeed.

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Time for a Change

We live at a time in history when change is continual. Perhaps life has always been changing at this pace, but I doubt it. Change has always been happening, but the pace seems to have escalated. Awareness of rapid change occurs because of our access to instant, constant announcements of changes. It seems that before we can even process last week’s changes, we are bombarded with two more weeks of change to process. 

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