Monday Musings: John Chandler, Welcoming Churches, Dying Churches, & Encouragement

The Discipline of the Writing Life – A Writers Write Interview with John Chandler [] Our very own Dr. John Chandler released three new books. Learn more about John, his writing process, and his books in this excellent interview. [Read the full interview] Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 11 Things I Learned [Thom S. Rainer] I was their church consultant …

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Tech Friday: Facebook, Photography, Podcasts, & Text Messaging

Forget the DSLR, Your Smartphone Is All You Need [Mashable] This article is geared towards business, but the central point remains: your smartphone can take great photos. 3 Best Practices for Growing Your Podcast on a Budget [Church Tech Today] Interested in podcasting? Here’s a quick run-through of how to get going. 5 Innovative Ways Churches are Using Text Messaging …

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Good Stuff Happens in Panama

In a remote area of the Chirique province of Panama—deep in the mountains, deep in the jungle—a shelter now stands and the Gnabe people have a place for worship. The team of Virginia Baptists who volunteered to go work on this project experienced genuine community; they lived among the Panamanians, hiking through the mountains, sharing meals, working together, sleeping at …

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