via Fresh Expressions US: What is Remissioning and How Could it Help Your Church?

The story of Wildwood’s decline is not unique. It is the new normal of US churches across the denominational spectrum. We live in a time coined “Post-Christendom,” “The Great Decline,” and the “Post-Christian United States.” We live on a new and uncharted frontier. The land of the so-called “nones and dones” the “de-churched and the no-churched.”

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Three Sunday School/Discipleship Misnomers and What to Do About Them 

Today I want to challenge pastors, paid staff members (responsible for Sunday School and discipleship) and Sunday School directors about some misnomers around Sunday School and discipleship.

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You Are What You Choose

I recently attended a seminar led by futurist Matt Thornhill of the Institute of Tomorrow. One of the things he shared which captured my attention was a premise that tomorrow is made up of today’s choices; therefore, we shape tomorrow by the choices we make today.By way of illustration, think of a person’s transformation from being out of shape and overweight into getting back in shape and near to healthy weight. The idea or dream is perhaps the starting point to a new “you,” but many days and many consistent, purposeful, and disciplined decisions are required to get from here to there.

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