In Memory of a Global Friend, Paul Montacute

Paul Montacute, retired Director of BWAid, passed away in mid-February in Vienna, Virginia. Paul and his wife, Judith, have been longtime, faithful members of Vienna Baptist Church. Paul, originally from Great Britain, became a globally leader among Baptists around the world as he led Baptist work in relief and aid.  He eagerly introduced Virginia Baptists to the larger global Baptist family challenging all of us to offer aid and relief in a way that respected those in need.  He could be fearless in walking alongside those being persecuted, even when it placed him in harms way. 

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It’s Almost Morning!

Late winter is always a difficult time of the year. The dismal gray skies, the inclement weather, and the fog and mist dampen the environment and also dampen our mood and spirits. By this time of year almost everyone is ready to start singing “Here Comes the Sun,” ready to feel the sun’s warmth and to embrace the promise of new, hopeful days of new life.

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via Missio Alliance: A Practice as Lent Begins

In sitting with the question of where my poverty lies, I realized that we all have areas within ourselves of relative riches and relative poverty. And God wants it all. He created us, bought us at great cost to himself, and desires that we give to him our whole selves—that our worship of, devotion to, service of him be holistic.

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