We’re working every day to bring to you many of the resources you need to navigate the “new normal” we’re all facing these days. Together, we can follow God’s call to be the Church while acting responsibly toward our neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following types of resources are available on this website:

You can access these and other resources by using the menu on our COVID-19 Resources page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at or contact your regional field strategist. We are committed to walking with you through this crisis as we all seek to be the hands and feet of Christ, advancing the Kingdom together.



Racism and the Death of George Floyd

It has been several weeks since Easter, when life was exuberant and expectant. We were so hopeful, even though we worshipped in ways different from our norm because of COVID-19. Now, weeks have passed, and life does not seem as hopeful as it did. The death of George Floyd took our breath away and ignited a rage that has been building with racial tragedies across the country.

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Pentecost: God’s Eternal Breath

Pentecost is here! It is the week we remember the events from Acts 2 when the Spirit-Promised becomes the Spirit-Provided. The story goes like this: Jesus ascends into heaven and his presence is replaced by the Holy Spirit when it descends like tongues of fire on all people filling their tongues and lungs with God’s message of love as they speak in many languages to many tribes.

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