Good Stuff Happens in Panama

In a remote area of the Chirique province of Panama—deep in the mountains, deep in the jungle—a shelter now stands and the Gnabe people have a place for worship. The team of Virginia Baptists who volunteered to go work on this project experienced genuine community; they lived among the Panamanians, hiking through the mountains, sharing meals, working together, sleeping at …

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Monday Musings – Salaries, Warning Signs, Communication, & Hospital Visits

Pastors and Pay: A How-To Guide for Negotiating Your Salary [ChurchLeaders – h/t Ken Kessler] It seems awfully unspiritual to talk about pastoral remuneration, especially during the candidating process. After all, if the Lord wants you to minister somewhere, hasn’t he promised to provide for you? And didn’t George Mueller pray meals to the front door of his orphanage? Why …

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Tech Friday: Emergency communication, design inspiration, mobile, & Vine

Just a few headlines for this week: Your Church Needs a Platform to Respond to Tragedy  [Church Marketing Sucks] With the tragedies that have occurred this week in Boston and Texas, please give some thought about how your church will respond when tragedy hits closer to home. 25 Church Websites for Design Inspiration [Vandelay Design] Looking for a new website design? …

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