Monday Musings: Memorial Day Edition

Why Suburban Poverty Is Less Visible and More Insidious [The Atlantic Cities] …There is a land-use component to the shape of poverty (and the kinds of solutions we can build to address it): Poor people who are spread out from each other, and from the kinds of services that grow up to serve concentrated poverty, have the least resources of …

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Tech Friday – Google & 3D printers

The Audacious Plan to End Hunger With 3D-Printed Food [Mashable] …Contractor, a mechanical engineer with a background in 3D printing, envisions a much more mundane—and ultimately more important—use for the technology. He sees a day when every kitchen has a 3D printer, and the earth’s 12 billion people feed themselves customized, nutritionally-appropriate meals synthesized one layer at a time, from …

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Tornado Disaster Response Articles & Resources

Delegation, collaboration and prayer are key to managing disasters, say Baptist relief managers [Religious Herald] A devastating tornado in Oklahoma May 20 capped a busy year for Baptist disaster-relief coordinators, who have dealt with tornadoes ripping through Georgia, Mississippi and Texas, flooding in the Midwest and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. All of that while conducting long-term recovery …

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