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What is Partnership Missions?

The Mission Development Staff can help you explore opportunities to develop relationships with our global partners. Whether you go, send a team, or invite a partnership team to join you in ministry, we can help!

Partnership Missions Conversations

Join us for more international perspectives on how we are involved individually and corporately in God’s mission! Let’s listen together and learn from some voices we don’t get to hear every day!
Watch Here for Thursday Reflection on Our Mission with Credo Mangayi and Riaan Niemand from South Africa.
Click Here to watch Thursday Reflection on Our Mission with Michael Shim-Hue and Karen Kirlew from Jamaica.
Here you can watch  Thursday Reflection on Our Call, with Asatur Nahapetyan from Armenia.

Upcoming Events

Contact our office for more information on upcoming events.


Since everything we do is in a spirit of partnership, what do we mean by “Partnership Missions?” From our network of friends around the world, we highlight several relationships at-a-time for about five years. Determining ways we can make a difference together, the collaboration is based on addressing a particular need in the world. For example, we just completed a five-year partnership, “Together For Others,” with the Romania Baptist Union, in which we concentrated on the church’s role in meeting the needs of its surrounding community.

Our most recent partnership is focus:refugees, in which we are working more closely with four organizations abroad and at home that are helping refugees in material and spiritual ways. We’ve donated to and worked with these organizations before, but this more intentional emphasis will give our churches a better opportunity to see how they might get involved in what God is doing in this area of ministry.

Prioritizing mutuality and a learning attitude, Partnership Missions is a commitment to developing connections that last; therefore, it is not meant to be simply a list of one-time mission trips to choose from. While the participation of individual churches will vary, as the BGAV family we cultivate a long-term relationship with our partners.

This commitment to responsible relationships is evident in the ongoing engagement with our Partnership Family. Even after the official partnership emphasis is completed, we continue to work together, receive and send volunteers, and encourage each other.

If your church would like to participate in God’s mission with one of our partners, please contact Craig.Waddell@bgav.org.

Current partnership emphases:

Partnership Family with whom we collaborate most frequently: