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Over the next five years we are helping our mission partners in Lebanon, Bosnia, Austria, and Virginia make a difference in the lives of displaced persons in their midst, alleviating suffering and giving them hope.

(From UNHCR)

Refugees and Immigrants: Brothers and Sisters

An unprecedented 70.8 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 25.9 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

How do we love refugees? What does that look like? The BGAV is blessed by missions partnerships with our friends in the European Baptist Federation (EBF). Much of our partnership work in the EBF supported ministries amongst displaced persons. Over the next five years we are excited to support with new intentionality our Baptist siblings in the EBF and their incredible ministries serving migrants, refugees, and displaced persons.

As the refugee “crisis” unfolded in Europe and the Middle East over the past years, many Baptist Unions within the EBF rose to the occasion to respond. Through their years of experience and their continuing work, we have a great opportunity to learn, to listen deeply, and to engage. Already we can see how often small Baptist Unions can make huge impacts, witness God’s love for the stranger in action, and experience how the refugee “crisis” is more often an opportunity to grow God’s Kingdom than a crisis.

Through prayer, financial support, and service engagement, we want to create meaningful opportunities where the BGAV can support refugee work in Europe and to connect with refugee work in the U.S. We pray that our work is fruitful, meaningful, and furthers the reality of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Learn more about our initial BGAV focus:refugees partners at the following links and see how you and your church can be involved in BGAV focus:refugees.

  • Lebanon – Lebanese Baptists and The Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development.
  • Bosnia – Croatian Baptists, Croatian Baptist Aid and their potential work with refugees in Bosnia.
  • Austria – Austrian Baptist Aid and their refugee integration work in Austria.
  • Richmond – Through a partnership with the non-profit ReEstablish Richmond and their work with refugees in Richmond.

Click here to learn more about the European Baptist Federation and their response to refugees in Europe.