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focus:refugees – Bosnia


Loving neighbors both far and near

Croatian Baptist Aid (CBA) is a humanitarian organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. Even though Croatian Baptist believers were active in delivering humanitarian aid during the Croatian Homeland war in 1991, CBA as an organization was founded by the Croatian Baptist Union in 2015.

Their mission is to prevent human suffering, serve those in need, and empower individuals and society through holistic/wholesome support. The CBA has been actively involved in refugee work both inside Croatia, abroad in Greece, and most recently in its neighbor Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BGAV churches have a history of working with Croatian Baptist Aid, with First Baptist Richmond supporting trips to Greece and Bosnia. CBA is now looking to develop a non-profit organisation inside Bosnia that will expand their work with refugees.


  • for leadership in the evangelical community as they grapple with community and refugee issues
  • for the general refugee population and their security, health, overall well-being
  • for the attitude towards and acceptance of the refugees among the Balkan residents
  • for the workers of the NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), religious and volunteer organizations helping the refugees, as well as, the governments as they respond to the refugee crisis.
  • for the healing of the conflicts that have led to these refugee situations.


  • $2.00 provides a cup of hot soup or liquid
  • $10.00 provides a blanket or sleeping bag
  • $15.00 provides a relief kit (oil, sugar, flour, jam, tea, potatoes, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, pain killer)
  • $35.00 provides a pair of shoes and socks
  • $100.00 provides for a distribution event of supplies

Go: (teams usually consists of 1-8 persons and they work on average 6 hours per day)

  • assist with the distribution of supplies or tea
  • provide encouragement and emotional support among the refugees
  • conduct activities with the refugees such as children’s games, classes, accompaniment to appointments
  • conduct a social media campaign by taking photographs, compiling articles for media outlets
  • paint and clean the refugee center in Porin

Check out more information on CBA’s website.