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Haiti Partnership

Source of Light Center in Haiti – Transform Delmas 19 with hope, for the glory of God!

Established in response to the devastating earthquake of 2010, the Source of Light Center is a multi-faceted community ministry in the Port au Prince neighborhood of Delmas 19. Haiti Baptists want to transform this neighborhood’s faith, health, education, economics, and connection with the world.

The Source of Light Center is working toward being self-sustaining, and includes a children’s home, school, and micro-economic ventures, as well as a vocational center that is still in progress.

Of the ministries addressing this vision, Virginia Baptists are partnering with Haiti Baptists especially in the areas of child sponsorships, the new church plant at the Center, long-term discipleship training, and a vocational center for the community.

Ways to give:

Examples of ways to go:

  • Participate in one of the four annual VBS weeks
  • Backyard Bible Club in the neighborhood
  • Physical therapy training for the special needs class at the school
  • Medical team and health screening
  • School teacher training
  • Help with music camp
  • Help repair or build a house in the Delmas 19 neighborhood
  • Support the annual Open House Week at the Source of Light Center

If you would like to be involved, contact craig.waddell@bgav.org!