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Recap of James River Baptist Association’s Trip to Bland Ministry Center

Last month, a team of twelve from the James River Baptist Association (JRBA) traveled to and served at the Bland Ministry Center. Representing five different churches, the team members made a big difference.

This article was originally published in the June newsletter of the James River Baptist Association.

JRBA Logo (1)The team was blessed with wonderful weather (in the 70’s most of the time with rain only one night), enthusiastic spirits, and the opportunity to help many people.

At the end of the week, Dee Dee Hoozier, Bland Ministry Center Director, said that this team did more work than any other team EVER!

Five construction jobs were completed:

  • A handicapped ramp was built for a stroke victim and blinds were hung in her home.
  • A metal building was put together for an elderly man.
  • A roof was constructed over a small porch for a woman coming home from the nursing home.
  • A porch and steps were completed for mentally challenged siblings.
  • Two doors were installed for an elderly diabetic individual.

Henry Wood, Bruce Falls and Jill Falls did most of the construction work and amazed everyone with all that they were able to accomplish.

bland-ministry-centerDixie Wood and Audrey Ragland planned and prepared delicious meals for the team. Others assisted with clean-up. Dixie, Audrey, Jill, and Jane Dunn assisted in the Food Distribution Center and the Clothes Closet. They washed hundreds of eggs and repacked them for distribution, shelved food, and packed food into boxes for distribution.

On Tuesday, most of the team assisted with the food distribution to 93 families. The families received non-perishable foods, breads, dessert items, frozen foods, eggs, meats, juice/drinks, and produce. The ladies also worked in the Clothes Closet unpacking, sorting, and folding clothes.

About 100 families received clothing during the week. Some of the clothes sent by JRBA folks were sorted and trucked to a shipping area to go to third world countries. The ladies spent evenings clipping, sorting, and counting Campbell’s Soup Labels and Boxtops for Education.

Scenes from the trip to Bland.
Scenes from the trip to Bland.

Gwynn Tyler, Jimmy Dunn, and Doug Adams worked on the grounds at the center most days. They scraped and painted windows and doors, mowed and weed-eated. They unloaded clothes from trucks, transported and unloaded donated furniture, transported materials for the construction jobs, and raked grass.

Doug also repaired a clogged shower drain. The men also carried about 100 boxes of school supplies from a basement storage room outside for the ladies to sort, count, inventory and repack.

Dr. Bradshaw and his wife, Sylvia, provided dental services at a Free Clinic for patients from many surrounding counties. They saw approximately 46 patients during the week and did dental work valued at $10,557. Patients were not charged, but they donated $94.55 to the Dental Clinic.

Watch a video from two years ago about the Bland Ministry Center:

Dr. Bradshaw, assisted by his wife, performed exams, extracted 25 teeth, put in 12 fillings, started 2 root canals, completed one root canal, and put on one crown. Phyllis served as a receptionist for the dental clinic Tuesday – Friday. She answered the phone, checked in patients, set up new patient files, filed, and completed medical coding for each patient. She also did odd jobs around the clinic, including reorganizing and moving patient files, vacuuming, and cleaning the microwave.

In addition to the work completed by the team, JRBA churches donated about 100 large garbage bags/boxes of gently used clothing, 4 cases of peanut butter, 3 boxes of school supplies, 5 large bags of plastic shopping bags and hundreds of Campbell’s Soup labels and Boxtops for Education. Beanie Babies were donated for the children and given out at the food distribution.

The offering from the JRBA Spring Meeting was given to Bland Ministry Center for their recent paving project. The offering total was $451.25. An individual from Buckingham County contributed an additional $500.00 for this project. Dee Dee was thrilled with all the items sent and the monetary contribution and extended her appreciation to JRBA for everything.

The team was blessed with many opportunities to serve others and are grateful for the chance to work alongside the capable staff and many local volunteers at Bland Ministry Center. They were impressed with the way the center is run and the manner in which they serve needy people.

The team enjoyed getting to know one another better and the opportunity to work and fellowship together, sharing the love of Christ through their deeds, their actions, and their words.

The team extends a hearty THANK YOU to all who contributed items or money for Bland and to all who prayed for them as they served. JRBA also wants to thank Henry and Dixie Wood for furnishing a trailer and transporting the donated items.