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Phillip Hedrick: Returning To The Place That Changed My Life

Last year during my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to travel 8 hours across the Atlantic Ocean, with my youth group, to this place called Bucharest, Romania. At this point in my life I had never been out of the United States so I didn’t know what to expect.

While we were there we had the opportunity to work with the Ruth School. This school for the kids who do not have the opportunity to attend a regular public school to come and learn about God and have a good education as well. The group that I was with while I was there were able to go to the classes and just hang out with the kids. In one class we played multiple games of speedball with the kids and in another class we made some jello for the kids and gave it to the kids to try. They were not quite sure about the jello because they had not see something like that before.

On the weekend the school was not in session so our group had the chance to travel that weekend and go to different places in Romania. We went to Transylvania where we were able to see Dracula’s castle and then on sunday we attended a traditional Romanian church service which was long, but it was also very inspirational.

This trip was life changing from the way that the kids acted towards us, to the weekend trips where I was able to grow closer to the people who I grew up with. The kids truly have a place in my heart. From the day that I was there to the day that I left, the kids were loving on us unconditionally. Every morning that we showed up to the school they were jumping on us and hugging us as much as they could. They have nothing and it is the happiest place that I have been. The kids are filled with the word of God and they show it.

This trip changed me for the better because before I went I had the idea of that I have everything that I need and after seeing that these kids full of joy even though they have nothing, I realizd that i am really blessed to have the life that i have.

When I returned from that ten day trip I knew that God was calling me back there, so I talked to my youth paster about it. I started working towards returning to the place that I love and God worked it out for me to return. This summer 2017, I will be returning back to that beautiful place. I dont know what to expect except that God is going to work through me in ways that I didn’t know i could be used for. I know what i have expierenced, but I don’t know what to expect this round. I am just praying that God would work through me to do great things while i am over there for this summer.

Phillip Hedrick