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Ed Jordan: The Right Place and the Right Time

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Posted: 8/7/15 at 12:05pm. Column by Ed Jordan.

How many times have you seen something happen and commented that the person was “at the right place at the right time,” or “at the wrong place at the wrong time?” It seems we have the innate awareness that being at the right place at the right time is crucial. While timing may not be everything, it is certainly a critical element in the events of all of our lives.

As Christians, we believe that God is the source of our blessings, and that as we follow His advice, commands, and instruction we align ourselves with the things that God is accomplishing in this world.

When we are where we are supposed to be, then we believe that at the appropriate time we will meet up with the opportunities of God.  If we are rebelling against doing what God instructs us to do, or rebelling against being where God instructs us to be, we get dismayed when God-given opportunities dry-up.

In Psalm 104 the psalmist expresses that God is Creator and Lord, and the provider of blessings to His creation.

In Ps. 104:27–29 (NLT), the psalmist summarizes that appointed times and places are crucial to receiving God’s life-sustaining provisions, as he states:  “They all depend on You to give them food as they need it.  When You supply it, they gather it. You open Your hand to feed them, and they are richly satisfied.  But if You turn away from them, they panic. When You take away their breath, they die and turn again to dust.”

We often set our own agendas without ever consulting God.

We often set our own agendas without ever consulting God. Sometimes we mistakenly assume that we are entitled to all God’s provisions, even when we purposely disregard God in our daily and weekly living.

In reality our reverence for God, or lack thereof, is revealed all the time through our attitudes, behavior patterns, priorities, and through our level of commitment to the things of God. We too often tend to give God a nod here and there, while the rest of our lives are lived without God being anywhere in sight!

This passage teaches that His resources are provided at specific places and at specific times and seasons.  God’s bountiful blessings are missed when we ignore God and therefore do not arrive at the table for dinner when it is served.

It is not God’s fault that we are not on the path where His provisions await us. He instructs us as to which paths we should take, and guides us in making wise decisions, if we care to listen and walk with Him.  Sometimes an absence of blessings reflects an absence of His presence in our lives.

This passage is not teaching a theology of works, nor that God only blesses those who prove themselves worthy.  It teaches a “Presence” theology. The biggest blessing of God is the person experiencing the presence of God.  In God’s presence is fullness of joy. In His presence are life, peace, provision, purpose, and protection.

God has been so good to my family, as we have tried to follow His leading in order for us to be where God wants, and when God wants us there, in order for Him to accomplish His will in and through us.

…I have learned that it is to everyone’s advantage for me to go where God tells me to go…

Through the years I have learned that it is to everyone’s advantage for me to go where God tells me to go, and serve where He calls me to serve. My struggles most frequently occur with aligning myself with God’s perfect timing for carrying out His will. I frequently assume that as soon as I am in place it is also time for God to act in carrying out what is to accomplished through me.

Sometimes this is the way things work, but more often God still has work to do in my life, and in the life of the people among whom I serve, or the lives of the people we are to impact, before the “perfect time” arrives in any particular situation.

So as we consider the issue of being at the right place at the right time, it is important that we realize that that which makes a time or place “Holy” or “set apart” or “the right place and right time” is in reality the presence and activity of God.

It is God’s presence in our lives, situations, and activities that makes them blessed. Being at the right place at the time occurs as we follow God’s guidance to where and when we are to be somewhere or do something. It is an appointment with the presence and activity of God in which we are to participate.

ed-jordan2Award-winning columnist Dr. Ed Jordan is pastor of Gwynn’s Island Baptist Church, Gwynn, VA. You may also read his past columns.

He can be reached at szent.edward@gmail.com.