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Sara Amos: With God, Dreams Become Realities

A page from my journal written in October 2016 reads, “God I feel that you are calling me back to Romania and if this is your will I will need you to provide for me with the opportunity, the finances, and to make a way in the hearts of my family.” I have explored the possibility of returning to serve in Romania several times since my first 10-day trip in May 2015. This beautiful place and its hospitable people impacted my heart so deeply. As I began to prepare for this summer, I felt the familiar call to return, but had ruled it out as an option once more due to school and work obligations. Praise God that he doesn’t let us miss His plans for us.

I woke up on April 3rd and felt God gently calling me to look into being a Summer Venturer just one more time. I noticed that the absolute deadline for submitting an application had passed a few days before, but I still felt called to investigate the possibility further. When I received an email that there were still spots on the team, it took me all of three seconds to decide in my heart that I would return. I took a week to pray about it, but in a matter of a few days, I sat in awe as God blew open the door for me to return.

Those who had been walking closely with me at the time were in shock when I told them I was returning. From the outside it seemed like I had woken up on a Monday and decided I was going to Romania. Quite unusual for a girl who loves to plan. In truth though, God had been growing this dream inside my heart for much longer than that.

Flashback to May 2015 on the last day of our Kairos Missions Initiative trip to Romania. We were in the van driving to the airport, sitting in silence as we contemplated the previous nine days of serving Christ and the realities of home that lay ahead. Sensing the heaviness in the van, our driver said, “Today is a sad day, but with the will of God…” and those words have not left my heart for two years.

With the will of God, my powerful creator, who works all things for my good, I could return to Romania.

Isaiah 52:12 says, “But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard.” Bravery and hastiness did not motivate me to say “yes” to serving in Romania for six weeks this summer. Rather, God’s boldness grew in me as I surrendered this dream to Him, and He was overwhelmingly faithful to it.

As I prepare to board a plane this evening and travel back to the place that God has made so special in my heart, I have an unexplainable peace. I know deeply in my heart that serving in Romania this summer is an adventure that God has not only called me to, but prepared me for in ways I may never realize. God goes before us and he comes behind us, protecting us as we stumble.

There are some things I am uncertain about, but overwhelmingly, I am just so deeply grateful that my Holy Father saw fit to send me, Sara, to be a minister for Him. I am ready because He has prepared me, called me, made a way for me, and no matter what comes my way, it is Christ that sustains me.

Sara Amos

Beautiful faces from my KMI trip in 2015