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School Success

Posted: 3/16/18 at 3:10pm. Story by Staci Calkin.

Every student looks to the end of a semester with mixed emotions. To reach the end and have a break you have to go through “finals”. The school system in Haiti functions within a similar framework. December is the end of the semester. Before students are out for a three week break they must sit through a week of tests. The same tests are given across the country during that week.

The children at the Source of Light Center have been doing an amazing job with their studies and applying themselves to their schoolwork. Our December visit fell during the week prior to tests and we saw many of the children studying on their off hours. Schoolbooks went to the playground with us and a few of the children were meeting with tutors. Their effort paid off!

Pastor Ronel and school administration have been pleased to see the children excelling well above the average students. The grades in Haiti are on a point scale from 1-10. Their grades are compiled from all of their classes and include math, history, French, English, Science and others.

A 10 is exceptionally high and difficult to achieve. A passing grade is a 5. At Ecolè Source de Lumière a majority of the students passed easily with grades above a 6. We want to congratulate several of the children on their exceptional work and achieving grades above a 7.0!

The Source of Light Center officially opened in January of 2012. Located in the Delmas 19 community of Port-au-Prince,  Source of Light is truly a place of great hope for the people of Haiti. Following the devastating earthquake in 2010, the Haiti Baptist Convention identified the need for a children’s home and school as their greatest challenge. In partnership with the Baptist World Alliance and Hungarian Baptist Aid, under the leadership of the Haiti Baptist Convention, Virginia Baptists committed to addressing this need.

Currently, 40 children call the Source of Light Center their home. Many of these children were directly impacted by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The children range in age from three to seventeen. Their smiles, energy and capacity to love are completely contagious. Together, they have created a beautiful family!

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