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Source of Light Center: English Class – Klas Anglè

 Posted: 8/15/18 at 11:40am. Post by Hannah Anderson.

This past June, my mom and I had the opportunity to join a group going to Port Au Prince to teach English to students at the Source of Light Center.

Our group used research-based methods of teaching, along with music and Bible lessons, to enhance English-speaking skills. While many of the kids already have a wealth of English words in their vocabulary, it was great to see them learn a few more and be so engaged in the lessons each day.

We played games like “color bingo,” had morning meetings to practice conversation, and held literacy circles in the afternoons. The literacy circles consisted mostly of the kids being able to read books in English and review vocabulary words they learned earlier that day.

The highlight of each day was the music and Bible lessons taught by a few other team members.

The week ended with an awards assembly and a performance of the new English songs they had learned. The joy on their faces said it all when they accepted their well-deserved awards and got the opportunity to show their friends what they had learned.

Our main goal throughout the course of the week was to spend time with the kids by teaching them English in several different ways, however, our experience turned out to be much more than just that.

We were able to love the kids in the same way Jesus does–unconditionally, relentlessly, and without hesitation. Every time we saw their smiles or felt their hugs, we had a chance to experience the true joy of a life with Christ.

Specific Ways You Can Pray for the Source of Light Center:

  • Praise for the English lessons and VBS sessions that the kids have been able to experience this summer.
  • Pray for the Melodime team arriving this month for a summer favorite: Music Camp!
  • Pray for the families and staff connected to the Source of Light Center, School, and Church. Recent months have brought an increase in the general overall cost of living in Haiti and instability. Pray for people in the community to find work that can sustain their families.

Get Involved: Become a Sponsor!

If you aren’t already, please consider becoming a sponsor to one of our amazing children at the Source of Light Center! To get more information on becoming a sponsor, please email Staci Calkin, Haiti child sponsorship coordinator, at staci.calkin@bgav.org.