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Source of Light Center (Haiti) Update

Lots of great things are happening at the Source of Light Center in Haiti. Nichole Prillaman sent us the latest updates:

  • fbc-richmond-haiti
    A team from First Baptist, Richmond, leads the children in song and dance.

    School is back in session at Source of Light and almost 200 children are enrolled. A new elective is being offered to the children – music class.

    We have partnered with a local music school that sends several teachers to Source of Light three times a week. All 28 of the orphans are excelling in music lessons and many of the school children are enjoying this new opportunity as well.

  • Volunteer teams are scheduling trips to visit the Source of Light Center. Currently, three teams are scheduled for December and many more for next year.
  • The well and water purification system at Source of Light continue to serve as a powerful ministry and fundraising tool for the Center. This water provides clean drinking water for the community of Delmas 19 and is also sold around the Port-au-Prince area. This water has become known as the best tasting water around town.
  • solc-vanWe are currently working towards sending a shipping crate to Haiti. This crate will include the van donated by Kilmarnock Baptist Church along with additional supplies needed by the Center.

    Hopefully the container will be received in Haiti by the end of the year. A big THANK YOU to Kilmarnock for donating the van.

    Below is a video taken of Rev. Matthew Tennant, pastor at Kilmarnock, with more details: