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Source of Light Center: Sweet Dreams and Smiling Faces

Posted: 7/11/18 at 10:30am. Post by Staci Calkin.

New Bunkbeds! In December it came to our attention that the Center was in need of some additional and replacement bunkbed frames. The need comes from a few factors: 14 more children moving in to the Source of Light over the last couple of years and the regular wear and tear that the furniture receives.

Coastal Kids at Coastal Community Church in Virginia Beach jumped at the opportunity to help make a difference for the children at Source of Light. Coastal Kids and families were able to raise enough money to purchase the necessary beds. Those beds were delivered this May. The children and teens were excited to help carry the frames up two flights of stairs and put the beds together. We are thankful for generous hearts helping to provide a better night’s sleep!

Mirrors! We take for granted the use of a mirror on a daily basis. During our trip in May we were visiting with the older girls and asked about mirrors in their rooms. Their eyes lit up and it became apparent to us that they have not had regular access to mirrors.

The hunt began! We were successful in locating two mirrors for the girls and one for the boys. The mirrors were hung up higher at an angle for longevity – at the request of the older kids. The picture shows the joy!

Specific Ways You Can Pray for the Source of Light Center:

  • Pray for the technical training opportunities the older children are receiving through art camps and classes this summer.
  • Please pray for the economy in Haiti. Financial challenges are affecting many people that are involved and serve at the Source of Light Center as well as the surrounding community.

Get Involved: Become a Sponsor!

If you aren’t already, please consider becoming a sponsor to one of our amazing children at the Source of Light Center! To get more information on becoming a sponsor, please email Staci Calkin, Haiti child sponsorship coordinator, at staci.calkin@bgav.org.