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Springtime on Campus: A Great Time for Ministry, Part 3

Posted: 5/3/18 at 7:40am. Written by Taylor Terrill.

This is the third of a three-post series spotlighting one of our Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCMs): Virginia Tech. BCMs are an integral part of the Kairos Initiative, BGAV’s network of collegiate/young adult ministries.

Taylor Terrill, Associate Kairos Collegiate/Young Adult Minister at Virginia Tech, tells of one of the most recent ways their BCM has reached out and ministered to students on campus this spring:

Each semester we try to creatively engage with students on campus. One of the ways we do this is through proxy stations, or surveys. We think of an engaging question, paint interactive boards, and reserve a spot on campus to survey students as they pass by.

This month we asked “What are you struggling with?” and “How do you cope with it?” This gives us opportunities to have intentional conversations, make connections, and invite students to BCM. We found it very sobering to read through the answers students gave. While many focused on exams and tests, there were several centered on shame, depression, and doubt.

PRAYER: Will you join me and take a moment to pray for Virginia Tech students? Many are being crushed by the idol of grades and excelling in school. Pray they will experience the peace of Christ in the next couple of weeks. Pray that our students will share the love and grace of Christ during exams in a mighty way.


To learn more about Baptist Collegiate Ministries, visit KairosInitiative.org.