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Squeeze On!

(Creative Commons License)
(Creative Commons License)

By Dr. Joey Faucette, Main Speaker at Leadership Gathering

You must now wash each other’s feet. (John 13:13, MSG)

If you put a sponge under running water, within a few minutes it is saturated. It can hold no more water. But what if you left the sponge under the running water for five more minutes? Would it hold any more?

Perhaps if you left the sponge under the running water for a whole day it would hold more? What would you have to do for the sponge to hold more water?

Squeeze it out. Only when you squeeze the sponge will it hold more water.

As you minister in the marketplace and increase faith with greater joy so you love God and others more, you are like a sponge. You can only soak up more as you squeeze your life and give away the positive you have received from God. As you give away the positive results, you create room within yourself and your work for achieving more.

As your faith increases, you trust God more. You give more and receive more which builds a more intimate, credible relationship with your Creator. The kind Jesus enjoyed.

When he gathered with his best friends for a last meal before his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus humbled himself and washed their feet. He squeezed himself of any ego needs and bathed their smelly, callused feet.

That’s the last place you would expect to find the One who was present when the universe was created, the divine Son of God, the Christ who came down from heaven—as a common servant, on his hands and knees, stooping to wash his best friends’ nasty feet.

Peter had trouble getting his head wrapped around this paradox. It challenged his understanding of what it means to be God, to be powerful, to be “large and in charge.” He pushed back against Jesus’ example, primarily because he knew what it meant—if Jesus did it, he would have to squeeze himself dry also.

He had fought off James’s and John’s mother’s appeal for her sons to sit on the right and left hands of Jesus when he came into power, leaving no room near the throne. How was he to fend off this one, too?

As Peter protested this paradigm of power-gifting, Jesus said to him, “My concern . . . is holiness, not hygiene” (John 13:11). “What I’ve done, you do. . . . If you understand what I’m telling you, act like it—and live a blessed life (13:14–15, 17; emphasis added).

Live a blessed life by squeezing yourself dry at work.

Wash the feet of your customers and clients, team members and employees, vendors and suppliers. Ministry in the marketplace requires a Faith Positive lifestyle of grateful service.

Squeeze on.

joey-faucetteDr. Joey Faucette is the #1 best-selling author of two books, the latest of which is Faith Positive in a Negative World with co-author, Mike Van Vranken. He is our keynote speaker at the May 1-2 Leadership Gathering at Eagle Eyrie. Click here to register for this experience. Subscribe to the Faith Positive blog and the Faith Positive Radio podcast at iTunes.