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Pastoral/Church Staff Transitions

The BGAV, through its congregational field staff, assists churches searching for pastors and staff, as well as pastors and ministers seeking a new place of service.

Interim Pastors/Intentional Interim Ministry

Transitions after a long-term ministry of a pastor or after a stormy journey between pastor and church body are significant in a church’s life. The intentional interim process guides a congregation to explore its history, decision making, denominational relationships, and core identity before the congregation authorizes the search for a new pastor. Ken Kessler can provide information and connection for churches and intentional interim pastors through our partnership with Center for Congregational Health.

Contact Ken Kessler for more information.

Minister Matching Service

MinisterMatching.com is a free, secure, online service that enables churches and candidates to be matched appropriately. Candidates and churches create a detailed profile, and once the online profile has been completed, a member of the Congregational Field Staff contacts the church or candidate to activate their search request or resume and then works to match candidates with churches. When matches are identified, resumes are emailed to the church’s search committee chair.

Ministers New to Virginia Orientation

Pastors and church staff ministers who have moved to a BGAV church in the last year are invited to an orientation and free luncheon. We desire to learn about you and your ministry and share with you resources available for the support of your ministry through the BGAV.

Contact Marilee White to register for the next orientation!

Pastoral Succession

“One way or another, every church will eventually lose its pastor or minister yet few congregations prepare for this dramatic event. The pastor’s departure evokes a range of reactions and problems—sorrow and grief, uncertainty, loss of mission and momentum, power struggles—yet no one wants to talk about this elephant in the boardroom.” – from the introduction to The Elephant in the Boardroom: Speaking the Unspoken about Pastoral Transitions

Contact the Congregational Field Staff to discuss Pastoral Succession.

Search Team Resources

A Pastor Search Team Guidebook is available to help you through the search process. Please contact your Field Strategist for assistance.

For more information:

Karen Rackett : [staff-title] Karen Rackett
Congregational Field Staff Administrative Assistant
800.255.2428 or 804.915.5000, ext. 2243