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Summer 2015 Recap – Part 2: Summer Camps

Posted: 8/25/15 at 2:00pm. Article by BGAV Staff. This is the second part in a series of three articles taking a look back at this summer.

Despite the heat and Virginia’s humidity, students headed to camps all over the Commonwealth this summer.

Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center hosted several camps each summer, including PASSPORT Kids, CentriKids, Music and Worship Arts Camp, and MC2.

“We had a great summer,” Rod Miller, director, said. He explained that overall attendance was up for the mountain-top retreat center among the four main camps.

Several new churches came to MC2, a week featuring missions, discipleship and fun. According to Miller, the highlight was that 15 people accepted Christ during that week!

Free time fun during Centri-Kid Camp!

Posted by Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Music and Worship Arts Camp is always a hit according to Tom Ingram, camp director. Over 300 students came for a week filled with praise, worship, and learning, along with many chances to make new friends and renew previous acquaintances from past camps.

“I like that we’re able to emphasize new learning skills, such as vocal, choral, instrumental, drama, and art, that can be put to use within the local church as soon as the campers return home,” Ingram said.

Across the state in the Tidewater, Camp Piankatank Director Steven Gourley reflected on this busy summer.

“Our theme was ‘No Apologies,’ which lent itself perfectly for campers to open up to questions. In my 10 years as the director, I’ve never seen so many campers so willing to open themselves up and ask those questions that they’re afraid to ask their parents or pastors. They knew that the staff would not judge, and simply speak God’s truth to them in love. We saw over 40 campers make first time professions of faith, and numerous more rededicate their lives.”

Gourley also witnessed the lives of counselors change. “Since we were very short-staffed, all of the staff were able to grow closer together, work better together, and build those bonds that will last a lifetime.”

On Wednesdays we wear pink….

Posted by Camp Piankatank on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Glenn Maddox oversaw four weeks of Impact! Mission Camps in Bluefield, Danville, Alexandria, and Fluvanna. The four weeks drew significant media coverage as hundreds of campers blanketed the regions to work on dozens of homes.

Scenes from Impact Virginia in Alexandria.
Scenes from Impact Virginia in Alexandria.

This year Impact staff offered the students more resources to prepare and reflect on their experience. Additionally, more group activities were available to build community.

“I told students during the week that this is their preview of the Kingdom of God, just less comfortable,” Maddox said.

“The Kingdom of God felt just as near when we were watching students cheer on their new friends at karaoke as it did while they were on a hot roof. And when they left, they left inspired to continue being part of God’s mission, rather than just wait until Impact next year.”