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Sunday School Activities for Adults

Large Screen T.V. Party!

Big screen televisions were a hot item this past Christmas. If you were one of those or if your household owns a large screen television consider throwing a Super Bowl party and invite your Sunday School class. Then tell friends and neighbors that you are having some friends coming over for a Super Bowl party and invite them to join in on the fun.

“Invite people to a party” is the suggestion of Josh Hunt, national speaker, consultant and author of Double Your Sunday School Class in Two Years suggest that, rather than invite people to Sunday School, invite them to a party. Once they are at the party there is the opportunity to develop a relationship that can lead to an invitation to participate in Sunday School.

Don’t let the Super Bowl be your last party. Josh Hunt suggests parties are one of the best ways to get Sunday School members and others together. Few people want to come to your Sunday “school” class. More would be receptive to a party invitation. Once there, people can get to know one another. People are attracted to other people not classes.

Large Screen TV parties! What a great to get people together.


The sign says it all. Pastor Jim Ensor submitted this idea. His comment, “Hey, whatever it takes!” According to Pastor Ensor this simple action resulted in an increase in Sunday School attendance from 32 to 43 the first week. Morning worship increased from 42 to 54.

The next step for First Baptist Church, Honaker, is to follow up with the newcomers. Those who attend Sunday School should receive a personal contact from a class member before the Wednesday evening prayer service. This communicates appreciation and affirms the guest’s choice to visit the class. An early or mid-week contact also gives more time for the guest to commit to next Sunday before making other plans.


Use Christmas fellowships as an opportunity for outreach

People are most receptive to Christian invitations during the Christmas season. Some might say that, “everyone is a Christian at Christmas!”

Sunday School classes and groups will participate in many Christmas fellowship gathers this year. Don’t for get to invite friends and neighbors. Josh Hunt, a well known church growth consultant and author suggest that adult classes “throw a party… and invite your friends and neighbors.” The Christmas season is a great time to throw a party and invite your friends. Let your Sunday School class Christmas social be that party.

If the gathering is a “white elephant” present exchange, provide guests with a gift to include in the exchange.

Most people become involved in Sunday School because a friend, neighbor or family member invited them to join in Sunday School activities. Don’t miss an opportunity to reach out to your friends and neighbors.


Second Baptist Church, Richmond

Big Church. Small world. These were the thoughts of two soldiers when they recently met for the first time in Baghdad. After an engaging conversation, Skip Goodwillie and Lee Stanford discovered that they not only lived in nearby towns back in the states, but they both were members of the same Sunday School at Second Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia.

Second Baptist Church is known as a big church with a small church feeling. As some of the church’s newer members, neither had met the other prior to their deployment. As Skip and Lee serve in Iraq, the class receives updates through their wives and offers personal support to both families.


Black Creek Baptist Church and Faith

FAITH strategy – we have just recently implemented the FAITH strategy at Black Creek. The FAITH strategy is equipping 8 teams on Tuesday nights to make visits into our community, preparing our people to share the Gospel and enroll individuals into Sunday School classes. There is nothing quite like seeing a layperson be involved in leading someone to Christ!! FAITH is not just an evangelism program, but a discipleship plan to build on-mission Christians. Each week’s session includes a 15 minutes of team time (3 person teams), 45 minute discipleship time led by our Pastor, 90 minutes set aside for visitation and 15 minutes of follow-up and celebration over the nights visits.


A coffee pot in every adult class room

The adult Sunday School class is an excellent place to network with people and learn more about them. An early class fellowship time is also a time to introduce guest to class members. A coffee pot along with juice, water and early morning snacks help break the ice and help people feel more comfortable talking and “visiting” before the class begins the Bible study.

Enlist class members to bring juice and snack by placing a sign-up sheet on the wall near the class exit. Remind members each week that they can sign up for a date to bring the “goodies”. One those Sundays when no one brings food, juice and coffee will do just fine. It is helpful to have one or two people designated as the coffee preparers on a regular basis.

The class fellowship coordinator can help get this organized. 


Send a card or e-mail to a class member

As we begin the summer season many adult class members will spend more time away from home often including Sunday morning. A great way to let them know they were missed is by dropping a post card in the mail or sending a quick e-mail.

You might say something like, “I missed you in Bible study Sunday. I hope your absence was due to a well deserved need to get away you are doing well. If your absence was due to a life challenge and our class may be of help, please telephone me at…. I look forward to fellowship next Sunday.”

It’s good to be missed.


Expand your Sunday School through a jail ministry

Consider starting a new Bible study group with inmates in a jail.

Many local jails and Juvenile Detention Center have very little discipleship training. Your Sunday teachers and class members could have and eternal affect on many young men and women some who have never been inside a local church? During a service in May of 2006 at Powhatan Correctional center the question was asked, “How many of you have never been in a church service?” Six men raised their hands.

Interested in starting a jail Bible study ministry? The Virginia Baptist Resource Center is fortunate to have a working partnership with Bon Air Baptist Church and their director of prison ministry, Garry Sims. Contact Garry Sims for more information about how your church can get involved in jail Bible studies.


New Classes

Start a new class with a team. It’s lonely to begin a new class alone. Often churches will give a teacher a new room, teaching resources and a list of prospects which can be a menu for failure.

Better to start a class with a team. Start with a teacher, and outreach coordinator and two care group leaders. One of the care group leaders can serve as class secretary. All members of the team help with cultivation of new prospects and worship guest.


Teaching Adults

Start teaching preparation early in the week. Once the teacher knows the content and direction of the lesson the teacher can then look for life stories and illustrations to complement next Sunday’s Bible study.

Newspapers and T.V. offer great sources for introductions to the Sunday School Bible study. People are interested in what’s happening in their word. To find these stories one must begin early preparation.

It is really frustrating to read the lesson on Friday night only to remember that there was a story in B8 of the local paper that was thrown into the trash on Wednesday!