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A Church on the Frontier

Fred Anderson profiles Old Chapel Church, in the backwoods of Franklin County, a church that has been in succession an Anglican Church during the period of an Established Church in Colonial Virginia, a regular Baptist church and a Primitive Baptist Church.

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Fred Anderson: It’s All Quite Simple

In his latest article, Fred explains that Bruington Baptist Church in rural King and Queen County is his favorite church, despite the fact that ministers – even Baptist historians – should never play favorites. Read why...

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Fred Anderson: On the Hill

Fred Anderson reflects on the 200 year history of First Baptist Church, Lynchburg, once the 6th largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Fred Anderson: Homecoming Season

Baptist churches declare that they observe two ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. But it could be observed that there is a third and the season is upon us. It is called “dinner-on-the-grounds” and it is as much about fellowship as it is fried chicken.

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A Time for Reconciliation

Fred Anderson writes that in the midst of all the wrack and ruin after the Civil War, a remarkable thing occurred. The BGAV met at First Baptist Church, Richmond in June 1865 and became “the first body in the whole South to begin the work of religious reconstruction.”

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