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Crisis Care: Traumatic Stress

I work with the Disaster Response Crisis Care Team and it’s crazy to me to look out my home office window and see every house intact, no storm debris piled up by the road, no volunteers in yellow shirts cleaning and repairing storm damage, and yet to recognize that most of us are in some ways experiencing COVID-19 in many of the same (though perhaps more subtle) ways that survivors of hurricanes or tornadoes experience a natural disaster. I last wrote about how many of us are experiencing loss and grief. Many of us are also experiencing traumatic stress, which involves a sense that our physical and/or emotional well being are threatened. Traumatic stress can be triggered by a one-time event like a tornado or by long-lasting exposure to traumatic events: in this case, the ongoing threat of illness whenever you leave the house, the threat or reality of lost income, and the threat to emotional well being as routine is disrupted with no clear expectation for when we will move beyond this. The truth is, as a nation, our lives have all been impacted by this in many ways that we will be discovering in the coming months and years. So even if life is OK for you personally in this time, we all are collectively experiencing a traumatic event. 

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Crisis Care: Dealing with Loss and Grief

Grief is a response to loss. Loss occurs whenever something emotionally significant is no longer in a person’s life. Grief is the mental or emotional pain that we experience because of loss. We tend to associate these with death or the big losses like layoffs or breakups, but people can experience a sense of loss over anything emotionally significant. During this time of intentional isolation, we are all feeling loss in one way or another.

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Crisis Care: How VA Baptist Chaplains Have Responded Since the Mass Shooting in Virginia Beach

The Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Crisis Care Team Chaplains were called into service during the months of June and July after a fatal shooting by a disgruntled employee at the Virginia Beach Public Works Office claimed the lives of 11 employees and one citizen on May 31. Four other employees were also injured in the incident. The shooter, a 15-year veteran of the public works office and civil engineer, was fatally shot after a standoff with police.

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Want to become a Crisis Care Chaplain?

Disaster survivors are shaken to their core, and our Crisis Care Team provides support to survivors through conversation, care, and concern. We need your help! There are two opportunities coming up in the next few weeks to join the Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Crisis Care Team: What does the Crisis Care Team do? The Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Crisis Care Team provides support to survivors …

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