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Leading is Complicated

Guest Columnist Ed Jordan asks "Are you regularly contributing your abilities and energy to the success of the organizations of which you are a part?"

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Dreams of Christmas

Ed Jordan asks "If you could ask to receive one thing this Christmas, that is really a desire of your heart, what would that one thing be?"

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Working Together, or Going It Alone?

By Ed Jordan Which is faster and easier, working alone, or taking the time and risk of working together with others towards a common goal?  The answer to which is faster or easier depends upon a lot of factors in the situation, as well as the capability of the one worker or the many workers. Often doing things alone seems …

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Seasons of Life

The seasons in nature have God-given purposes....do not these same principles apply to our own lives?

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The Parable of the Three Sons

When we find ourselves resenting God’s restoration or blessing of others, we need to ask God to forgive us, take away our resentment, change our hearts, and bring us back into the joy and festivities of the kingdom of God.

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