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Jesus Has Set the Table; You Just Need to Show Up

I can’t remember exactly when it was that the idea of starting a dinner church grabbed hold of me. But I do know that for several years the thought just wouldn’t let me go. I attended a Fresh Expressions Vision Day when I was serving a church in Northern Virginia, and we watched a video about the Dinner Church movement that was emerging out of the Seattle area. As I watched it, something within me said, “Yes. This is what church is supposed to look like.”

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Start the Fresh Expressions Journey this Summer!

Calvary Baptist in Bowling Green is one of many churches around the country engaging their local community beyond the church walls. They’ve launched The Well House, a community gathering space for people who aren’t being reached by regular church programming.

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Learning to Tell the Story: The Fresh Expressions Summer Internship 

Over the summer, I and three other college students rolled up our sleeves help tell the story of how Fresh Expressions of church are taking root across the United States. We talked with leaders from Albany to Anaheim and learned some very important things: while no two fresh expressions of church are alike, they are all engaging people outside the walls of the churches that most of us know and love, they are helping people learn to see themselves the way that God sees them, and they’re loving others the way that God loves.

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