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A Lament

In the wake of the massacre in Charleston, Joe Kendrick writes that "I am perplexed at the overwhelming evidence of chaos in our world and I lament."

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What Can We Learn From Seagulls?

As we consult God for His view of what is happening in life, and look at life from His viewpoint, we will gain new perspective, see new opportunities, and discover the way forward.

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A Time for Reconciliation

Fred Anderson writes that in the midst of all the wrack and ruin after the Civil War, a remarkable thing occurred. The BGAV met at First Baptist Church, Richmond in June 1865 and became “the first body in the whole South to begin the work of religious reconstruction.”

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Are You Asleep, or Awake?

Ed Jordan asks: Are you asleep, or awake? Are you settling down, or getting up? Are you standing still, or getting active in the things God is accomplishing?

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How Do You Greet the King?

As King Jesus approaches your life today, do you open up your life and arms to welcome Him? Or do you hide behind tightly locked doors, trying to escape His invitation to new life? How do you greet the King?

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The Miracle in the Small

Our Leadership Gathering main speaker, Dr. Joey Faucette, writes: "It’s best to imagine what God can do through the Spirit in you at work, even though your efforts to be Christ in the workplace seem small like yeast."

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