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Leading is Complicated

Guest Columnist Ed Jordan asks "Are you regularly contributing your abilities and energy to the success of the organizations of which you are a part?"

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Be It Resolved…

Adam Tyler: "When we reorient our lives to place God's will and God's kingdom first, we will redefine success. "

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Dreams of Christmas

Ed Jordan asks "If you could ask to receive one thing this Christmas, that is really a desire of your heart, what would that one thing be?"

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Discovering “Joy” in Bible Study

Amidst tragic circumstances and strife, Tony Brooks encourages Sunday School and discipleship leaders to focus Bible study on abiding in Christ, bearing fruit and transforming lives.

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When You Can’t Get Life Together

God has never revised His publication on relationships. He writes commandments, not suggestions. When we can’t seem to get life on earth together, we should try following heaven’s directions.

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