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Ed Jordan: Is the Heat On?

The premise of applying and maintaining just the right amount of heat in cooking a meal is not a new idea, but applying this premise to the maintenance of organizational health is rather novel and insightful.

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Ed Jordan: Adapt or Burst!

Adapting requires finding new ways to do things, new ways to organize, or even new ways to get the job done without building an organizational structure.

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Ed Jordan: The Gain and Loss of Jesus’ Cross

Last week I attended a wonderful conference led by Tod Bolsinger in Newport News. The theme was about change in organizations and how to lead people into uncharted waters. We were exploring the resistance which surfaces in a system or organization that is being led into changes in functioning to become more effective. One of the statements that Dr. Bolsinger shared was: “People don’t resist change; they resist loss.”

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Ed Jordan: A Love to Die For

In our excitement we quickly jump over the horrendous things that Jesus experienced during the last days of his earthly life. Furthermore, we seem to have overlooked Jesus’ deep love for us.

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Ed Jordan: Failure Is Not an Option

Failure was not among the options in the ministry of Jesus. This same Jesus is alive today in his church. So don’t lose heart. Remember whose you are and that the church is the living presence of Jesus in the community! Death may seem to be winning, but Easter is coming!

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Ed Jordan: Stand By Me

"I am encouraging everyone reading these words to evaluate the importance of having, and keeping, commitments in our lives, and to personally evaluate our commitments as to what or whom we are committed."

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