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Ed Jordan: Failure Is Not an Option

Failure was not among the options in the ministry of Jesus. This same Jesus is alive today in his church. So don’t lose heart. Remember whose you are and that the church is the living presence of Jesus in the community! Death may seem to be winning, but Easter is coming!

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Ed Jordan: Stand By Me

"I am encouraging everyone reading these words to evaluate the importance of having, and keeping, commitments in our lives, and to personally evaluate our commitments as to what or whom we are committed."

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Cadance Tyler: Stories from El Salvador, Part 1

As a church leader, this was a reminder to me about the importance of discipleship with children and youth in my church and community. I want to challenge you to think about your own church. Where do you see the children and youth in the life of your church? Are they in the background, or are they an active part in the leadership of the church? Could you serve as a listening ear to their concerns and ideas? Could you serve as a mentor? Do they need an opportunity to lead and take ownership of church ministries?

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Ed Jordan: Me and My Shadow

One [person] said to the other: “When a man loses his shadow, there ain’t much left of him.” My mind jumped to the implications of this statement as it relates to the importance of integrity and reality in a person’s life. The shadow is normally what shows you the shape of the object casting it or in this sense, the shape of a person’s life. So when a person loses their integrity, there is not much left that's helpful.

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Joe McDowell: Constant Challenge and Goal Adjustment

The goals you set for yourself are typically meant to challenge you in some way. They challenge you to complete a task or to grow in some area of your life. The word challenge suggests the idea of competition. A personal goal sets up a competition with yourself. It is often a desired habit against an undesirable one—the new against the old. Maybe even good versus evil! It can surely feel like that at times. I set out to lose weight almost a year ago. I set a weight loss goal, proceeded to change my eating habits, and created some exercise habits.  It wasn’t long before the competition was fierce! Those sweets I wasn’t going to eat were calling my name! The muscles I was exercising were screaming for me to give them a break. Who would win—the old or the new, the good or the evil?

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Ed Jordan: Five-lettered Life Changers

Think of something, represented by a five-letter word, that almost everyone in the world has encountered and that often has changed the life of the person who encountered it. What would be the word you would choose?

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