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Ed Jordan: The God Who Moved a Mountain

After Christmas, many pastors take some time off to renew themselves after the onslaught of the work schedule of Advent and Christmas. I did this myself this year. The frigid temperatures and icy roads provided a good excuse to stay home. Around that time, a friend gave me a book titled: “The Man Who Moved a Mountain,” written by Richard C. Davids. It is the story of a man named Robert W. Childress, who grew up as a mountain man in a very rough, isolated area of the Blue Ridge mountains. It is the story of what God can do through one person committed to God and committed to loving the people God sent him--or her—to impact. I cannot tell you how strongly this book touched me, as someone who has given much of his ministry to ministering to those who often aren’t even visible on other peoples’ radar.

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Ed Jordan: Mr. Spock was Right!

After a long period of performing complex tasks or thinking, after continuous pressure from deadlines, or heavy stress, sometimes we just need to make things simple.

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