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Joe McDowell: Constant Challenge and Goal Adjustment

The goals you set for yourself are typically meant to challenge you in some way. They challenge you to complete a task or to grow in some area of your life. The word challenge suggests the idea of competition. A personal goal sets up a competition with yourself. It is often a desired habit against an undesirable one—the new against the old. Maybe even good versus evil! It can surely feel like that at times. I set out to lose weight almost a year ago. I set a weight loss goal, proceeded to change my eating habits, and created some exercise habits.  It wasn’t long before the competition was fierce! Those sweets I wasn’t going to eat were calling my name! The muscles I was exercising were screaming for me to give them a break. Who would win—the old or the new, the good or the evil?

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Joe McDowell: Strong Motivation Required

Setting goals is one thing; following through is another. Staying on target requires strong motivation. Personal goals are much harder to reach, because the motivation to complete these goals often must be self-generated. In other words, no one else is "holding your feet to the fire,” so you must do it yourself!

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Joe McDowell: Set Challenging but Reasonable Goals

My focus is on goals that we make for ourselves for personal growth. I will address goals we may make in three areas of our lives. They are spiritual goals, intellectual goals, and physical goals. These goals are typically not mandatory (though there may be some cases when they are) and these are areas of growth the Bible places emphasis on in some way.

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