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Kingdom Vision: The Discipline of a Disciple

What a fascinating experience it was to attend the inauguration of Pope Francis. I was invited and able to fly to Rome. And when I got there I discovered that I had been placed by the Vatican with a group that I would be with for the entire inauguration. I would have dinner with this group. I would travel to …

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Kingdom Vision: Jazz Factor of Faith

Transcript: Someone said that praise is the “jazz factor of faith.” I love that statement. I wish I could find who said it or where I have read it, but I read it and it’s in the back of my head and it’s coming out more and more these days that praise really is the “jazz factor of faith.” Now …

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Kingdom Vision: What Does It Mean To Be Autonomous?

Video Transcript I had an interesting experience. I was in Singapore at the BWA Youth Conference and invited to do a break-out session, but it was really just a break-out session of conversation with the President of BWA. I had no idea of where the conversations would go but for an hour, hour and a half really, we talked about …

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