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Six Global Examples of Pastoral Succession

Posted: 8/26/18 at 9:40am. Article by Warren Bird. “Every pastor is ultimately an interim pastor. In all likelihood, learning to do succession well is essential for every church leader.” The Global Wave of Pastoral Succession Has Started Recent decades have seen an explosion of global megachurches, many of which are going through their first major senior pastor transition. In my public …

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Ken Kessler: That’s Impossible!

How many of us have those kind of stories we live in every day? So how do we get out of these “ruts” and start living a different story? How do we live into an “Impossible Future?”

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Tapping Into Vitality With Congregational Residencies

On the Spence Network blog, John Chandler writes: "The most significant and encouraging thing we who are not in megachurches can observe and act upon is the intentionality of building a young leader pipeline through internship, residency or mentoring programs."

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Introducing “Passing the Leadership Baton”

Passing the Leadership Baton allows the Empowering Leaders Team to share some of their learning ideas with pastors, staff, and lay leaders in our congregations. This week's edition shares thoughts on the book, The Four Disciplines of Execution. How do you find your way out of the whirlwind of activity and into focused ministry?

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Squeeze On!

Our Leadership Gathering main speaker, Dr. Joey Faucette, writes: As you minister in the marketplace and increase faith with greater joy so you love God and others more, you are like a sponge.

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The Miracle in the Small

Our Leadership Gathering main speaker, Dr. Joey Faucette, writes: "It’s best to imagine what God can do through the Spirit in you at work, even though your efforts to be Christ in the workplace seem small like yeast."

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