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Monday Musings: September 16, 2013

Don’t Waste Your Time Partnering With Parents Jeff Brodie Jeff offers both a provocative and prophetic word: When it comes to partnering with parents, as ministries there are a number of ways we can end up wasting our time. We can waste our time in 1. How we communicate 2. What we say to our parents. One of the things …

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Monday Musings: June 24, 2013

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Today's Monday Musings highlights 4 great articles: the first one explores whether child sponsorship really works. The second explores the vital importance of church signs. Check it out!

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Monday Musings: June 17, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings! We have listed a handful of articles collected from over the weekend that may be of interest. Feel free to share!

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Monday Musings: June 10, 2013

Catch up on the Q&A’s with Ross Clifford! [VBMB Blog] Ross Clifford, this year’s keynote speaker at the annual BGAV meeting in Fredericksburg, has answered several questions leading up to the meeting. Tomorrow we will publish his fourth installment. Catch up on the last three today! With new partnerships, Bluefield College aims to better equip ministry leaders [Religious Herald] Go …

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Monday Musings, June 3, 2013

When Your Church Should Be UNIQUE (and When It Shouldn’t) [ChurchLeaders] …In the same way, we must be careful that our churches do not drift from the core of who we are. We must continually ensure that what we offer our people and our communities deeply matches how God has reconciled us to Himself and who God has formed us …

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Monday Musings: Memorial Day Edition

Why Suburban Poverty Is Less Visible and More Insidious [The Atlantic Cities] …There is a land-use component to the shape of poverty (and the kinds of solutions we can build to address it): Poor people who are spread out from each other, and from the kinds of services that grow up to serve concentrated poverty, have the least resources of …

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Monday Musings: May 20, 2013

Coaching Church Leaders During a Time of Change: Part One & Part Two [Barnabas File – Ircel Harrison] Learn more about our own Charity Roberson and her work as the Learning Communities Coach for the Emerging Leaders team. [Read Part 1 and Part 2] Announcements: Why People Love You But Don’t Listen To You [Jeff Brodie] Here’s what I’ve observed too …

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Monday Musings: May 13, 2013

A field guide to the Meeting Troll [Seth Godin] The meeting troll is a common creature, one that morphs over time and is good at hiding (snaring you when it’s too late to avoid him.) [Read the full post – Hat Tip to VBMB’s Welford Orrock for the link!] Is This Meeting Really Necessary? [Inc.] Here’s some steps to determine if …

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