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Six Global Examples of Pastoral Succession

Posted: 8/26/18 at 9:40am. Article by Warren Bird. “Every pastor is ultimately an interim pastor. In all likelihood, learning to do succession well is essential for every church leader.” The Global Wave of Pastoral Succession Has Started Recent decades have seen an explosion of global megachurches, many of which are going through their first major senior pastor transition. In my public …

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VBMB Celebrates Consider Your Call Sunday

This Sunday, October 27, Virginia Baptists will celebrate Consider Your Call Sunday. Since 2004, the vision of Consider Your Call® has been to help the local church call out and nurture its members for ministry and service through a “culture of calling.” The Consider Your Call® website features materials that provide a comprehensive resource to assist churches with being intentional in …

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Monday Musings, June 3, 2013

When Your Church Should Be UNIQUE (and When It Shouldn’t) [ChurchLeaders] …In the same way, we must be careful that our churches do not drift from the core of who we are. We must continually ensure that what we offer our people and our communities deeply matches how God has reconciled us to Himself and who God has formed us …

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Monday Musings: May 13, 2013

A field guide to the Meeting Troll [Seth Godin] The meeting troll is a common creature, one that morphs over time and is good at hiding (snaring you when it’s too late to avoid him.) [Read the full post – Hat Tip to VBMB’s Welford Orrock for the link!] Is This Meeting Really Necessary? [Inc.] Here’s some steps to determine if …

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Leadership Gathering recap in tweets, pictures, & video

We had a great Leadership Gathering at Eagle Eyrie this past weekend. We posted over 90 photos over at our Facebook account. There were also several folks who tweeted the event. Their highlights are below! http://storify.com/VaBaptists/leadership-gathering-of-virginia-baptists-2013

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Monday Musings: May 6, 2013

A Delightful Afternoon at Lakewood Manor [Hermeneutics in High Heels] Rev. Katie McKown, Pastor of Scottsville Baptist Church, visited Lakewood Manor this past Sunday. While at this Virginia Baptist retirement home, she encountered many Virginia Baptists! [Read the full post] The Secret Pain of Pastors [Church Leaders] …That’s the dream job. You can read the Bible all day, pray, play …

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