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via Will Cumbia, Venturer: Partnering with Croatian Baptists in Ministry with Refugees in Bosnia

After taking a wrong turn on the highway, we changed course and decided to go to Bosnia. That’s what happens in this part of the world: you can take a wrong turn and casually decide to go to a different country.I was driving with Elvis, the Program Development Advisor for Croatian Baptist Aid. We had intended to visit a refugee center outside of Zagreb, Croatia, but we were now headed towards a refugee camp in a small town just across the border in Bosnia.

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Virginia Baptists are partnering with Austrian Baptists and other Baptist Unions in Europe as a part of a new missions initiative called focus:refugees. Focus:refugees aims to meaningfully connect Virginia Baptists to the refugee work of our partners within the European Baptist Federation (EBF). Over the next five years, the BGAV will support refugee work all over Europe and the Middle East starting with the Austrian Baptists, the Croatian Baptists and their work with refugees in Bosnia, and Lebanese Baptists. Additionally, the BGAV will partner with ReEstablish Richmond, a refugee resettlement agency working with refugees in Virginia.

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Refugee Crisis Update

Kids in the Refugee Camp Greece

Your Cooperative Missions dollars have played a vital role in funding this response to these men, women, and children who are suffering under horrible circumstances.

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