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Tony Brooks: Two Dangers Teachers Face

We often memorize verbal religious concepts without understanding the experience/application to life. We learn the words (religious vocabulary), doctrines, and biblical passages without understanding the concepts and how they apply to us.

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Tony Brooks: 4 Ways to Help When the Storm Comes

Hurricane Harvey Satelitte

My heart has gone out to all of those affected by the storms this past week. I believe that Bible study classes and small groups in our churches and campus ministries should respond in several ways when storms cause hopelessness in our world. We can provide hope!

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Tony Brooks: The Millennial Generation and Stewardship of the Earth

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the millennial generation wants to make a difference in their world as well as their community. Many are linked to friends around the world through social media and have a global consciousness. One of the ways the church can improve their impact with this generation is a serious study of being good stewards of the earth and implementing a plan to do so.

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Tony Brooks: 4 Creative Outreach Ideas

I’ve been broken, lost, depressed, oppressed, and weak that I might find favor and gain the weak. I’m flexible, adaptable, and able to do and be whatever is needed for all kinds of people so that in the end I can use every means at my disposal to offer them salvation. (I Corinthians 9:22 VOICE)

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