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Jim Somerville: Have We Lost All Fear?

I saw another one of those graphs recently. I try to avoid them, but I saw one.  Someone had slipped it into an otherwise helpful article about the church in America. There it was: a graph making it painfully clear that Sunday morning worship attendance continues to slide as fewer and fewer people take the trouble to get up, shine their shoes, and come to church.

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Hopeful Leadership

My personal preference is to avoid leaders who offer nothing but doom and gloom. Please don't misunderstand me: I don't have my head in the sand. We live in a tough world; ours is a time with a ton of problems. The daily news is seldom good. Even so, I'm easily frustrated by those who seem convinced the cause of Christ is lost. All that's left for us Christians is to play out the string and wait for Christ's return.

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True Love ~ Living Out Sacrifice and Forgiveness

I came into the ministry at 30 years old, fairly bruised up and battered. I had gone through a divorce, two years of depression, the tough learning curve of being a single dad, a layoff at a well-known Richmond engineering firm with no severance pay, and was also facing a soon-to-be foreclosure of my West End condo. I had no idea what the journey would look like in the years ahead as I entered Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond in 2009. But for the first time in my life, I felt like I belonged to something bigger…I felt a sense of hope.

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4 Ways to Discover Reconciliation in the Power of Sunday School/Small Groups

Many of us were saddened, felt anger, and felt compassion about what happened on Saturday, August 12, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Racism led to terrorist activity, violence, and death. How do we move to a healthier, more spiritual wholeness in our country? I believe Sunday School classes and small groups can help. Here are some ideas:

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Art, Drama, and Sunday School

Whether good or bad, we need visual stimuli as part of our learning. More than ever, we need visual stimuli and arts in all of our classes. Instead of simply stating practical application, we need to share the Biblical story through arts, drama, and storytelling and allow participants to discuss practical application for their lives.

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Rural Churches are on the Cutting Edge of Ministry

Rural churches and ministries face numerous challenges in the 21st century. At some point in a minister’s career, the likelihood of serving in a small-town church seems high, especially if the person transitions from the role of an associate minister to that of a senior pastor. I and many of my friends from seminary have made this kind of transition, and nearly all of us are serving in small-town churches. In many ways, there’s a ministry myth about where all the “action” is. I have heard many people (both lay and clergy) over the years refer to inner-city ministries or foreign missions as “the front line.” Besides this militaristic language of conquest, the reason I grate against such a notion is that rural ministers are on the cutting edge of several significant ministry trends. There are three emerging social issues and trends where rural churches may actually sit at the forefront.

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