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Will Cumbia: The Donauhof

It’s a really quite a remarkable space. Currently very dusty, but even layers of concrete dust can’t hide the character of the space. Most know it as the Donauhof, or Danube court, in English. Throughout its history it has been known as a hotel, a mechanic’s shop, and a woodworking warehouse. Now, my church just wants to call it home.

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Climb Every Mountain

It’s astounding to look back towards the path from which you came---to see how the winding path that didn’t seem to lead to the summit suddenly makes sense from the top of the mountain. Life is similar sometimes, isn’t it? Often our path can seem sporadic and random. As a young-twenty-something, I’ve wondered how all of my experiences could possibly lead to any one clear place.

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Learn more about the Venturer Program!

Watch as Amanda Lewis shares about her calling and describes how Virginia Baptists are sending young adults around the world to partner with other Baptists to share God's love through the Venturer program.

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