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Tech Friday – Facebook hashtags & Google Glass


Welcome back to another edition of Tech Friday! This space is meant to help trigger ideas and help locate technology resources for our churches. We hope you’ll find an article or two that is useful for you and/or your church.

Have a church tech idea that you would like to see covered and explored? Read any interesting tech articles that you’d like to share? Drop our web minister, Nathan White, a line.

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Will Google Glass change the way we think?
[CNET Australia]

A new video from Google shows how people will probably end up using Google Glass in the real world — looking up information.

You know something. You know you know it. It’s right there on the tip of your tongue. No matter how you rack your brains, though, that drop of knowledge, that snippet of trivia, remains elusive.

An impressive new video from Google, however, highlights a potentially invaluable use of its upcoming Google Glass (as well as the device’s accuracy and speed): finding small pieces of information that are not important enough in your day-to-day life to memorise, but that may come up from time to time, such as the name of a particular film, or a currency conversion rate….

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Facebook Unveils Hashtags for Real-Time Public Conversations
[The Wall Street Journal]

Facebook announced that it is rolling out hashtags on its social network, in an effort to play a greater role in real-time public conversations dominated by rival Twitter. George Stahl reports.

Beginning Wednesday, the company said that words in posts that are marked by “#” will be grouped together. Users can track conversations by searching for these hashtags, or clicking on a hashtag in a post. That action will pull up a list of posts the include the hashtag, with most relevant posts first, such as those by your friends, followed by most recent, publicly-available posts.

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