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Tech Friday – Google & 3D printers


Welcome back to another edition of Tech Friday! This space is meant to help trigger ideas and help locate technology resources for our churches. We hope you’ll find an article or two that is useful for you and/or your church.

Have a church tech idea that you would like to see covered and explored? Read any interesting tech articles that you’d like to share? Drop our web minister, Nathan White, a line.

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The Audacious Plan to End Hunger With 3D-Printed Food

…Contractor, a mechanical engineer with a background in 3D printing, envisions a much more mundane—and ultimately more important—use for the technology. He sees a day when every kitchen has a 3D printer, and the earth’s 12 billion people feed themselves customized, nutritionally-appropriate meals synthesized one layer at a time, from cartridges of powder and oils they buy at the corner grocery store….

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What the Church Could Learn from Google CEO Larry Page
[Church Marketing Sucks]

Last week Google CEO Larry Page took the stage at the I/O keynote and shared some personal insights as well as a powerful quote that you may have already seen floating around the web: “We should be building great things that don’t exist.”

Isn’t that amazing?

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Is Google’s greatest strength the freedom to fail?

…Google has proven time and time again that it’s not afraid to fail. While some of its big gambles have crashed and burned, others have grown to become core businesses for the Internet giant. It is impossible to innovate without taking risks, and the fact that Google is more successful than most of its rivals is directly related to its willingness to take chances.

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Yahoo Unveils ‘Awesome’ New Look for Flickr

Yahoo has announced a brand new Flickr experience for the desktop and its Android users. Unveiled at a press event in New York City Monday, the new look aims to breathe new life into the once struggling brand.

It’s move is so big, in fact, a terabyte of storage is coming to Flickr. This is enough room for each person take 537,731 photos and more than 2,000 in each country.

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Due to vacation, Tech Friday will return June 7. Enjoy the holiday weekend!