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Tech Friday: WiFi in church (Part 2)

Welcome back to Tech Friday! In this space I hope to explore how technology can augment the ministry of your church. We’ll cover all sorts of topics in the weeks and months to come. Have a suggestion for a topic? Email Nathan White.

Last week we covered some of the basics of WiFi security for use in church. We concluded that the first concern is securing your church’s network; not doing so could lead to all sorts of bad things including data loss, financial loss, and criminal/civil liability.

With that in mind, having a WiFi connection in church can be a great ministry tool. Here are some ideas:

  • Encourage Bible study and Sunday School classes to use WiFi for their lessons. You could show videos, use an online resource, or show pictures to help the lesson.
  • Skype in missionaries, leaders, and other folks for large group gatherings. Maybe you would love to have a guest speaker or seminary professor lead a large group setting, but travel costs are prohibitive – Skype them in!
  • If you don’t have a screen in the sanctuary, you could plug a laptop into the soundboard on Sunday morning and use the audio to Skype in a missionary. Have them read the morning Scripture, talk about their work, pray, or even have them lead communion.
  • Have a cafe or a hangout spot? WiFi would be the perfect compliment.
  • Encourage church members to look up Scripture on their smart phones – especially if they don’t bring their Bibles to church anymore.
  • Allow outside groups who rent/borrow your facility to use the WiFI.

What other ideas do you have?