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Tony’s Topic: Sunday School & Evangelism

Brooks-TonyEvery week, Dr. Tony Brooks, VBMB Field Strategist and Sunday School Specialist, writes a post on his blog about Sunday School. If you don’t subscribe to his blog, please bookmark it today. His latest post is fantastic.

Read an excerpt:

… Evangelism was essential as part of the original Sunday School in North America around the time Raikes was beginning Sunday School in Great Britain. In America, the first national Sunday School effort began in 1824; its stated purpose was to organize, evangelize and civilize. We have lost the missional and evangelistic fervor of the Sunday School movement. Today’s culture needs to retool in understanding the importance of evangelism and how to share the Gospel in more effective ways. Though the street preacher may win a few to Christ, building relationships with the lost is essential in this day and time….

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