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Tornado Disaster Response Articles & Resources

1414109_heart_bokeh_effectPlease check the Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Facebook page for the absolute latest updates.

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Below are a few articles we found that relate to the tornado disasters in Oklahoma and Texas.

Also, please check our Disaster Relief page for ways to become involved with VBMB efforts.

Delegation, collaboration and prayer are key to managing disasters, say Baptist relief managers
[Religious Herald]

A devastating tornado in Oklahoma May 20 capped a busy year for Baptist disaster-relief coordinators, who have dealt with tornadoes ripping through Georgia, Mississippi and Texas, flooding in the Midwest and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

All of that while conducting long-term recovery operations from storms Isaac and Sandy and a fast-approaching hurricane season breathing down their necks….

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OKC responders prepare, tell volunteers to wait
[Associated Baptist Press]

Baptist churches and individuals eager to help the victims of Monday’s deadly Oklahoma twister are being told to get ready — and to wait.

While some faith-based disaster-response agencies are cleared by authorities to respond immediately, most are not and generally take long-term recovery roles in such disasters.

The reason: first-responders and even most victims of the massive tornado that killed at least 24 people in Moore, Okla., are not ready for an influx of out-of-towners bearing chainsaws and shovels, law enforcement and relief agency officials said.

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5 Ways to Get Involved in Disaster Relief
[Relevant Magazine]

…Right now, Christians and churches are praying, but they are also asking, what can we do to help? Well, having worked at the North American Mission Board (the third largest volunteer disaster relief agency, right behind the Red Cross and Salvation Army), and having assisted in disaster relief work personally, there are a few realities to keep in mind….

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Helping Children Deal with Tragedy

Yet again we see tragic events all over the news in the Oklahoma tornadoes. And, yet again, children are included as victims of the tragedy.

It’s hard to watch, hard to deal with – as an adult! Yet our children need to deal with it, also. In this day and age, there is little chance of shielding them from hearing of tragic events. Which means we need to be proactive in helping them process their thoughts and emotions when they are exposed to tragedy….

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Why Must Children Suffer?
[Associated Baptist Press – Jim Somerville]

Pray for the people of Oklahoma today, friends. The headline of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reads: “Massive Tornado Pummels Oklahoma.” The subheads carry the grim news that at least 24 people are dead and more than 140 injured; that a school was devastated and children, some dead, were pulled from the debris; that it was a powerful storm—a half-mile wide—packing 200 mph winds.

It’s that image of children being pulled from the debris of a school that gets me. There’s something about their innocence and vulnerability that makes that scene especially tragic. And even though I don’t believe this tornado was God’s judgment on the people of Oklahoma, I still want to know:

Why do children have to suffer?

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