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Try Something New! Apply for a Micro-grant to Start a Fresh Expression of Church

Posted: 5/23/19 at 10:40am. Post by Gannon Sims.

Apply today for a $500 Fresh Expressions grant! Deadline: June 1

Fresh Expressions is an international movement helping church leaders create new kinds of church among people who are not yet part of any church. Fresh Expressions got its start in the US through the visionary leadership of the BGAV—in fact, Fresh Expressions US wouldn’t exist without the BGAV. 

Since 2011, Fresh Expressions US has been following the Spirit and building a movement across the country. We’ve led events in 22 states and formed partnerships with 16 different groups. Now we’re sowing back into BGAV churches who want to start fresh expressions of church.

We’re offering a limited number of $500 micro-grants to churches who want to get serious about making disciples and forming church among those who are not found at church on Sunday. 

The deadline to apply is June 1. Here’s what we need from each church:

  • A team of 2-3 people with a calling to spread God’s love among those in the local community that the church isn’t currently reaching. 
  • We want to know how the funds will help you fulfill the calling. It could be childcare for a parent’s group or groceries for a dinner church.
  • We want a commitment that you’ll work with the Fresh Expressions team get the training, coaching and resources you need to sustain the momentum.  

Don’t delay! Fresh Expressions is for every person, every place and every church! Apply online at: www.FreshExpressionsUS.org/grants