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V3: Lessons From the Field: A New Type of Missions

Posted: 8/3/17 at 11:45am. Post by Cassie Carroll. 

Over on the V3 Movement’s blog, Cassie Carroll explains a new approach to missions.

I have lead many trips for churches over the years.

The largest trip I led, for a large and well funded church, had about 65 students and 20 adults. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to take this hoard of people to sleep in tents, without real showers or restrooms, to build houses in Mexico.

We built four houses in five days. Student’s understanding of God expanded, people’s lives were changed, and God’s love was seen through everyone. It was awesome!

The planning that’s involved takes months. Registration forms, organization paperwork, passports, liability forms, rental vans, drivers, adult support, fundraising, parent help, devotional books, scheduling, overnights while traveling—sunscreen! The list goes on and on and on.


I no longer use the language “missions trips.”

I choose to call these trips Serving and Learning Trips. Why? Because to use the language of “missions” has a lot of negative connotation surrounding the colonization of so many indigenous groups around the world…Read more here.