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Venturer Josh Nuckols: 4 Weeks In

Posted: 2/12/20 at 2:00pm. Article by Josh Nuckols.

I’m finishing up week four here, and it’s all been amazing. My first two weeks were spent working with children camps, the first being for young children 4-12 years of age and the second for older children 12-17 years of age. Those were long 18-20 hour days, waking up before the camp and not going to bed until after we planned the next day in our nightly meetings. While working with the volunteers who put those camps together, I managed to make some friends, teach some English, and even learned a little Spanish. After those camps ended all of the volunteers returned to their homes scattered throughout the country.

The first week of camp

The following week (week 3) I helped prepare the camp for the Annual National Baptist Convention hosted here at Cresta Del Mar and participated in one of the opening services where Celso and Pastor Abel introduced me to the other pastors and members of the committee.

At the end of the week some friends from the first two weeks here had talked with Celso and invited me to the city for a long weekend, where we could go sightseeing and I could have a real Panamá experience. We visited the Canal and went to the museum, and we made a quick stop at the Hard Rock Hotel to take a look at the city from the top of the building.

After a fun weekend, it was back to work for me at Cresta Del Mar, which has been a long week of emptying and cleaning out a work shed that houses a majority of the tools and equipment that is used to care for the camp and the many acres of property included in the camp.

Josh Nuckols is a current BGAV Venturer serving in Panamá. Visit the Venturers page to learn more about this program!