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Venturer Requests

Berlin, Germany

“Bruecke Berlin” (“Bridge Berlin”) is a very new church plant trying to get established in the Charlottenburg district of the city. There is a special emphasis on connecting with the community through music and art. The Venturer would be a general ministry assistant, with the opportunity to develop connections in an area they are passionate about. (German not required)

Chiriqui, Panama –

Reaching out to the Panamanian population as well as to several local indigenous peoples in the nearby mountains, the Chiriqui Baptist Association is looking for someone with a heart for young people. Ways to engage include worship leadership, teaching conversational English, music, and youth/young adult ministry. (Spanish)

Denia, Spain –

Alfa Omega Center is a Christian conference center and school that welcomes international volunteers to help with maintenance, landscaping, social work, teacher assistance in English, and much more. The program offers spiritual fellowship and life in a community of young adults.

Door of Hope, South Africa –

This baby rescue ministry in Johannesburg cares for little ones who have been tragically abandoned in the city. Many of them eventually go to loving, forever families. The baby house is in the middle of Johannesburg; the children’s village is in a rural setting. (English)

Vienna, Austria –

The Children and Youth Ministry of the Austria Baptist Union is looking for an assistant to the director. The work would involve logistics and organising for the summer and winter camps, as well as assisting with discipleship groups. (German not required)

Linz, Austria –

Linz is a little-known jewel on banks of the Danube River. The Baptist church in Linz is a family to people of many nationalities, and together they have an active ministry to refugees. The Venturere would be involved in all aspects of the church’s life and be encouraged to develop connections in the community. (German not required)

Project Vienna, Austria –

This Sept.-Aug. internship in the heart of Europe provides social ministry, a church internship, and theological reflection all wrapped up in one year of service. There is a special emphasis on ministry among refugees. (German not required)

Project Ruth, Romania –

Project Ruth started especially to engage with the much-discriminated Roma community in Bucharest. It includes a school, vocational training program, women’s counseling center, and medical clinic. This assignment involves assistance in the school setting as well as village ministry events such as life skills clinics and children’s activities. (Romanian not required)

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota –

Not only is Tipi Wakan church a family of faith on the reservation; it’s a haven for people with many different needs. Lots of ways to plug in here, from children and youth ministry to social assistance and training.

Yendi, Ghana –

The Northeast Mission has opportunities for church planting, evangelism, and local church ministry. Soon we will celebrate the distribution of 100,000 mosquito nets toward the reduction of malaria in the region! The Venturer would assist in the ministries according to the their skillset.